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Volume 4 | Summer 2019

  • Editor’s Letter

  • PPI Events Calendar – 2019 Recap and Lookahead

  • Time is Money: The Financial Implications of Project Production Management on Oil and Gas Companies

  • “Factory” Models in Oil and Gas Field Development

  • US Unconventional Operators are Leaving Billions of Dollars of Value on the “Factory” Floor

  • Understanding Supplier Production Systems

  • How Autonomous Vehicles Will Disrupt Logistics and Create New Business Opportunities

  • Concurrent Digital Engineering for Capital Projects

  • Digital Technology and Project Production Management – What is the Relationship?

  • Differentiating Production Processes from Functional and Administration Processes
  • PPI Process Mapper

  • Cycle Time Formula Revisited

  • Little’s Law in Production Systems with Yield Loss

Volume 3 | Winter 2018

  • Editor’s Letter

  • PPI Position Paper: Understanding the True Cost and Impact of Inventory

  • Reprint: CONWIP: a Pull Alternative to Kanban

  • Effective Supply Flow Control

  • Systems Engineering and the Project Delivery Process in the Design and Construction of Built Infrastructure

  • A “Gap” in Current Project Management and The Impact on Project Outcomes

  • PPI Position: The Limitations of Capital Project Benchmarking

  • Rethinking the Product-Process Matrix for Projects

  • Unintended Consequences of Using Work-In-Process to Increase Throughput

  • The Efficacy of Project Production Control

  • Operations Science View of Value Stream Mapping

  • Managing Work At The Point Of Installation

Volume 2 | Summer 2017


Volume 1 | Winter 2016

  • Project Production Institute (PPI) Overview

  • PPI Governance

  • PPI Events Calendar – 2016 Recap and 2017 Lookahead

  • New Era of Project Delivery – Project as Production System
  • From Factory Physics® to Project Physics
  • Reprint: Little’s Law as Viewed on Its 50th Anniversary

  • Little’s Law – A Practical Approach to Understanding Production System Performance

  • Contrasting Project Production Control With Project Controls

  • From Construction to Production: New Delivery Models for Infrastructure

  • “Advancing” Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)

  • A Method to Optimize Onshore Drilling Rig Fleet Size and Schedule Considering Both Reservoir Management and Operational Objectives

  • Conceptual Frameworks Underpinning Project Delivery and Implications for Optimizing Project Outcomes

  • The Cost and Impact of Earliness and Delays in Materials and Parts Delivery