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PPI Events Calendar – 2016 Recap and 2017 Lookahead

November, 2016

Since the 2015 PPI Symposium in December, the Institute has continued to offer seminars over the course of 2016 to educate audiences on Project Production Management (PPM), both nationally and internationally. So far, PPI hosted the following seminars during 2016:


101 – Introduction to Project Production Management (PPM)
201 – Project Production (PPS) Modeling and Optimization
203 – Construction & Heavy Fabrication


101 – Introduction to Project Production Management (PPM)


101 – Introduction to Project Production Management (PPM)

The Institute has continued its ongoing partnership with the Stanford University Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE), offering certificate programs in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). In 2016, numerous cohorts from various geographic regions, ranging from Singapore to Sweden to the United States, have received VDC certificates.

In 2016, several research projects came to a conclusion, either by arriving at their planned end or because the intermediate research results led to the conclusion to halt further work. At the same time, the Institute initiated new research projects: the 3 Eras conceptual work is reported in this edition and in a future journal edition we intend to report on research into an Operations Management Framework for Project Production System Design.

In 2017, the Institute intends to build on this past year’s momentum by offering seminars along with lunch & learn meetings in geographic regions where there are industries that will benefit from the dissemination and adoption of PPM and where there are leading academic institutions to partner with on research and education to advance the PPM body of knowledge. Currently, seminars are planned in the United States, Australia and Europe. In parallel, we intend to grow research collaborations with academic institutions across the globe, such as Imperial College, London UK and Curtin University Australia.

As a growing population participates in the introductory seminars PPI 101 and 201, the Institute will concentrate on further development of an academic curriculum by partnering with leading academic institutions to increase our educational offerings, leading to a Project Production Management certificate program. The Institute plans to partner with the University of California at Berkeley to offer an inaugural certification program.

Please visit the events section for upcoming seminars.