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Symposium Presentations

Edward S. Pound / PPI, H.J. James Choo, PhD / PPI, Phil Kaminsky, PhD / UC Berkeley, Gary Fischer / PPI
Welcome and Opening Remarks / Technical Achievement Award / Call to Action
Anil Seth / University Of Sussex
Why Do We Make the Choices We Make? The Neuroscience of Decision-Making
Gary Fischer, PPI
How Do Leading Companies Implement And Benefit From Project Production Management?
Pathman Arulampalam, Hess
PPM at Hess
Dhira Nandana, Aries Suswendi, Tripatra
Rejuvenating and Modernizing Energy Services in Indonesia
Jan Koeleman, McKinsey
Engineering Acceleration Using Project Production Management
Alex Kunz, A. G. Kunz
Datacenters Integrated Design & Construction
James Choo, PPI
Intelligent Production
Todd Zabelle, PPI
Digitalization Of Construction
Mark Spearman, PPI and William Spearman, Liverpool FC
Data Science vs. Operations Science
Ravi Roopreddy, Cloudleaf
Next Generation Digital Supply Chains
Martin Fisher, Stanford University
Digitalization Of Construction
Gary Allen, Ryder
How Supply Chain & Logistics Innovations Impact Digitalization of Construction
Ludwich Raubenheimer and Darina Zhakasheva, Tengizchevroil (TCO)
Applying Computer-Aided Production Engineering (CAPE)
Edward Pound, PPI
PPM Basics
Gary Fischer, PPI
Industrialization of Construction
Todd Zabelle, PPI
Industrialization of Construction
James Choo, PPI
Production System Design and Control
William Swearingen, Clark Pacific
Digitalize & Industrialize Construction
Mark Reynolds, MACE
Industrialization of Construction
Maximilian Schuetz, Goldbeck
50 years of Industrializing Construction
Roberto Arbulu / PPI, Wayne Crabtree / Chevron, Ed Pound / PPI, Craig Evans / Chevron, David McKay / PPI
Intro to PPM
Gary Fischer / Chevron
Call to Action
Mark Spearman / PPI, James Choo / PPI
Production System Optimization
Todd Zabelle / PPI, Alex Kunz / AG Kunz
Computer-Aided Production Engineering
James Choo / PPI
Digital and PPM
Shekar Natarajan / Cloudleaf
Digital and PPM
James E Craig / Chevron
Chevron's PSO Journey
Gary Fischer / Chevron
My Project Production Management journey
Matt Parsons / Boston Consulting Group
Unintended Consequences of Current Practice
Sanjay Jha
How Will This Revolution Be Different From The Last?
Shekar Natarajan, COO / Cloudleaf
Digitizing the Physical World
Phil Kaminsky, PhD / UC Berkeley
PPI Supply Chain Research
Ben Amaba, PhD, P.E. / IBM
Beyond the Hype: Digitization of Projects & Lessons Learned
Craig Evans / Chevron
Impact of Project Production Management on FGP-WPMP
James Craig, PE / Chevron
Engineering PPM journey
Martin Fischer, PhD / Stanford University
Emerging Technologies PPM Course
Jan Koeleman / McKinsey
Engineering acceleration using Project Production Management
Nehring and Creech / Hess Corporation
Managing Variability
UPEC December 2018 Presentation
Ushering a New Era of Project Delivery Using Operations Science
Symposium Synopsis
2017 Annual Symposium Synopsis
Kerry Haley / PPI
Opening Remarks
Phil Kaminsky, PhD / UC Berkeley
Managing Supply Networks – Concepts and Definitions
Matt Parsons / McKinsey
The Supply Chain Opportunity
Ram Shenoy, PhD / PPI
Lean Construction vs PPM
James Choo, PhD / SPS
Lead Time Compression – A Hidden Opportunity
Marc Tarpenning, Co-Founder / Tesla
Tesla Story and Future View
Wayne Crabtree / Chevron
Case Example
Roberto Arbulu / SPS
Supply Flow Control - How much capital are you willing to allocate and for how long?
Ram Shenoy, PhD & Kerry Haley / PPI
2018 Lookahead and Session Wrap Up
Symposium Synopsis
2016 Annual Symposium Synopsis
Ram Shenoy, PhD, Project Production Institute
David McKay, Hess Corporation
Radical Improvement in Project Delivery: A Call to Action
Mike Williams, PhD, P.E., Project Production Institute
PPI Award of Excellence
Wayne Crabtree, Chevron Corporation
Major Capital Projects Case Example: The Gorgon Experience
Jennifer Weitzel, Microsoft Corporation
Project Supply Chain Optimization
Michelle Nehring, Hess Corporation
Onshore Field Development
Ram Shenoy, PhD, Project Production Institute
Symposium Synopsis
2015 Annual Symposium Synopsis
Paul Teicholz, PhD
Trends in Labor Productivity in the Construction Industry
Ram Shenoy, PhD
The Case For Change
Wayne Crabtree
Been There, Done That…
Todd R. Zabelle
Conceptual Frameworks Underpinning Project Delivery and Implications for Optimizing Project Outcomes
David A. Bray, PhD
Going Exponential: Bottoms-Up Transformations & Our Exponential Era Ahead
Mark L. Spearman, PhD and H.J. James Choo, PhD
Operations Management Framework for Project Production System Design
Prof. Iris Tommelein, PhD and H. Glenn Ballard, PhD
Effective Implementation of Work Packaging for Complex Projects
H. Glenn Ballard, PhD
Last Planner Current Process Benchmark
Phil Kaminsky, PhD
Supply Chain: What’s Now, What’s Next, and Capital Project Delivery
Mike Williams, PhD, P.E.
PPI Lookahead
Symposium Synopsis
2014 Annual Symposium Synopsis
Mike Williams, PhD, P.E.
James B Porter, Jr.
Why Project Performance Must Be Improved
H. Glenn Ballard, PhD
Is Production Outside Management?
Alan Richard
Challenges and Myths of Offsite Fabrication for Mega Projects
H.J. James Choo, PhD
Project as Production System
Mark L. Spearman, PhD
Factory Physics® Analytics with applications to Project Production
McChrystal Group
Implementation of Decentralized Control in Combat Operations and Project Delivery
H. Glenn Ballard, PhD
Last Planner Produc/on Control
Roberto J. Arbulu
Effective Implementation of Last Planner
Prof. Iris Tommelein, PhD
Critique of Advanced Work Packaging
Forest Flager, Ph.D
Application of Simulation Models to Optimize Oil and Gas Well Delivery
Martin Fischer, PhD
Production Management Experiences and Research at CIFE
Mike Williams, PhD, P.E.
2015 PPI Look Ahead

Other Presentations

  • UPEC December 2018 Presentation
    Ushering a New Era of Project Delivery Using Operations Science