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How Autonomous Vehicles Will Disrupt Logistics and Create New Business Opportunities

Executive Summary

Autonomous vehicles—on the road, in the air, or over the water—are expected to disrupt business processes, operating costs, and economic models. Logistics and supply chain operations will be deeply affected, as will the relationship between service providers and customers.

If autonomous vehicles are to come into wide use, an array of complementary services and technologies will be needed to support them. These autonomy “ecosystems” will echo in many ways the businesses, technologies, jobs, and services that developed following the invention and then the widespread use of automobiles, trucks and airplanes.

Although this scenario may seem like it is far in the future, it’s important to understand how autonomous technology could radically change a company’s operating model and value proposition. Supply chain leaders in particular should start thinking now about how their companies and employees can participate in these revolutionary new opportunities.

Keywords: Value Stream; Value Stream Map; Demand; Flow; Transformation; Stock; Production

Author: Shekar Natarajan Chief Operating Officer, Cloudleaf PPI Industry Council Member, Project Production Institute

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