For those looking to close the current gap in project delivery, advance their careers and learn next practice for successful project delivery, PPI events bring together industry experts, academics and thought leaders to share experiences, education and solutions. These events address real-world project delivery problems and solutions through a combination of focused topics and a small group format. Participants are able to both learn about PPM theory and share their industry experiences in a highly interactive forum, with concepts that can be applied immediately for better project delivery. PPI conferences, seminars, panels and the annual symposium are held on an ongoing basis, both virtually and in-person, in various locations worldwide including Houston, London, San Francisco and Singapore.


MARCH: Stage Gate – What Are the Implications?
APRIL: Industrialized Construction – What Does It Mean and How To Go Do It?
MAY: Advanced Work Packaging and Project Production Management – What is the Difference?
JUNE: How to Effectively Predict Project Outcomes
JULY: Project Controls vs Production Control – What is the Difference?
AUGUST: Why Do Construction Projects Go Off Track?
SEPTEMBER: Lean Construction vs PPM
NOVEMBER: How to Model, Optimize and Control Supply Chains
DECEMBER: PPI Annual Symposium

Past Events