9 November 2023

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Todd R. Zabelle

Opening remarks as participants gather at the 10th Symposium to shape the construction industry’s future.

9 November 2023

Battling the Enemy of Predictable Projects

Gary Fischer, PE

This presentation focuses on advancing project predictability in construction through production control, demonstrating how operational science effectively manages project variability.

9 November 2023

What’s Going to Happen on My Project?

Roberto J. Arbulu / Chet Carlson

Uncover the critical challenges in project management addressed by Roberto J. Arbulu and Chet Carlson in a recent presentation. Gain valuable insights into mitigating delays, cost overruns, and inefficiencies through a focus on production management. Discover proven strategies employed by industry leaders for ensuring predictability.

9 November 2023

Reframing the Project Management Mindset through PPM

Sara Passone

Unlock new perspectives on project management with Sara Passone’s presentation at the PPI Symposium. Delve into the transformative journey of reframing project management as project production. Explore insights on managing uncertainty, embracing complexity, and enhancing predictability.

9 November 2023

Panel – What’s Going to Happen on My Project?

Gary Fischer, PE / Bill Van Sweringen / Sara Passone / M Al-Azahary B A Sani

Immerse yourself in the forefront of oil and gas innovation with insights from industry leaders Bill Van Sweringen, Sara Passone and M Al-Azahary B A Sani. Explore how Project Production Management (PPM) is revolutionizing capital projects, elevating safety, speed, and efficiency in the oil and gas sector.

9 November 2023

Understanding Supply Chains: How Suppliers Operate – Part 1

Bob Snyder / Wayne Crabtree

Discover the innovative journey of mature companies navigating change for sustained success. Join Wayne Crabtree and Bob Snyder in exploring groundbreaking approaches to production system optimization. Gain insights into transforming traditional practices and building resilience in the construction industry.

9 November 2023


Alex Kershaw

Embark on a riveting journey through Alex Kershaw’s presentation, exploring World War II leadership, Felix Sparks’ extraordinary role in liberating Dachau, and profound lessons in resilience and decision-making. Gain insights into historical moments, emotional self-control, and transformative impacts. Witness an extraordinary leadership moment in a hi ...

9 November 2023

Optimizing Deployment Projects

Alex Kunz, PE

Explore the revolution in construction design and efficiency discussed at the recent presentation event. Join Alex Kunz as he unveils a groundbreaking approach to data-driven, modular design, reducing construction timelines and enhancing adaptability.

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