PPI Conversations

Welcome to PPI Conversations! This platform provides an opportunity to connect with leading-edge thinkers and leaders to discuss today’s pressing topics in the engineering and construction industry.

PPI Executive Director Gary Fischer will host these monthly conversations as a way to expand thinking around project production and project delivery. These conversations will continue to address the root cause of major capital project cost and schedule overruns through research and dissemination of Project Production Management (PPM) and its foundation of Operations Science.

Why Is It Difficult to Get Others to Listen to Great Ideas?

A PPI Conversation with Terry Slattery and Jennica Dixon

You have a great idea and eagerly share it with your peers to get them on board. But for some reason, your enthusiasm for embracing the change is met with a cold stare or worse. Why does this happen? Why can’t people get others to understand and support a great new idea? In our latest PPI… Read more

Advancing Project Delivery In The UK

A PPI Conversation with Simon Murray

Join us for this fascinating conversation with Simon Murray, a leading edge thinker advocating for a new approach to delivering high performing infrastructure in the UK. Simon has more than thirty years’ experience in project delivery. He has held senior executive positions in the UK’s airport, railway and highway companies and has been responsible for planning… Read more

Last Planner

A PPI Conversation with James Choo

For our first conversation, Gary spoke with H. James Choo, PhD, a leader in project delivery using production control. James is the Chief Technical Officer at Strategic Project Solutions as well as a member of the PPI Technical Committee. Here, they discuss the difference between Last Planner and Project Production Control. They delve into the… Read more