2018 Lookahead

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Introduction to PPM Seminars

98% of Projects Are Missing Their Objectives – Why? With all of the most advanced technology, sophisticated systems, decades of research and billions of investment, why are projects continuing to fail at such an epic rate?

Whether the projects represent construction of large scale Data Center programs, Deployment of Electric/Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure, or Next Generation Telecommunications Networks, the economic, societal and political implications are significant and long lasting.

There is a gap. Project management methods alone do not consider basic project physics governing work activities related to engineering and construction. Project Production Management (PPM) is a proven method to resolve this gap. PPM applies Operations Science and Industrial Engineering to complex project execution & delivery.

To learn more about how PPM can enable you to achieve your project objectives, register to attend one of these free introductory events.

PPI/Stanford CIFE Program

The Stanford Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) and Project Production Institute (PPI) offer a VDC Certificate Program (Virtual Design & Construction) which teaches Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) and Facility Management (FM) professionals how to use and obtain high value for their projects and businesses from effective use of Virtual Design and Construction.

The principal program focus is Professional Education, to enable participants to:

  • Understand basic theory and practice of VDC. Successful participants will understand concepts of VDC models, model-based analysis, collaborative model-based development and management.
  • Develop awareness of trends, potential results and issues in using VDC.
  • Acquire specific skills in collaborative use of VDC methods. They will plan and manage at least one of their own projects using VDC methods and collaboratively report and discuss their successes and challenges.

Annual Symposium

The Annual Symposium brings leading industry and academic experts together to present and discuss PPM theory,  research and application in a full day session.

Schedule of Events

15 January Norway PPI/Stanford CIFE
22 January Palo Alto PPI/Stanford CIFE
22 – 28 February Middle East Intro to PPM Seminars
22 March Norway PPI/Stanford CIFE
25 April London Round Table/Natural Resources Forum
May Palo Alto Intro to PPM Seminar
28 May Palo Alto PPI/Stanford CIFE
July Washington D.C. Intro to PPM Seminar
27 – 31 August Palo Alto PPI/Stanford CIFE
03 – 07 September Peru PPI/Stanford CIFE
18 – 19 September Palo Alto Summer Session/CIFE
September Middle East Intro to PPM Seminar
October Europe Intro to PPM Seminar
December Palo Alto PPI/Stanford CIFE
05 – 06 December San Francisco Symposium


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