2nd Annual Technical Conference

24 July 2024 - Virtual

The Project Production Institute invites you to its 2nd annual Technical Conference, to be held virtually on 24 July 2024

The primary objective of the conference is to discuss and address the root cause of major capital project cost and schedule overruns via research, discussion and dissemination of Project Production Management (PPM) and its foundation of Operations Science. This conference will advance research, education, knowledge and practical application of PPM through the presentation of papers and exchange of ideas between industry and academia.

In support of this, PPI invites practitioners and academics to submit technical abstracts for consideration and presentation at the upcoming conference. To participate, please submit an abstract that focuses on one of the following research categories: Theory (specifically related to Operations Science), Model (the application of simulations, digital twins, robotics, autonomous, IoT, AI / ML) or Control (the use of various systems, protocols, methods and tools that are used to control Project Production Systems). 

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Paper Submissions and Presentations


Deadline for Abstract Submission

01 March

Abstracts Approved / Author Notified

15 March

Paper Draft Due

03 May

Paper Review

07 June

Final Versions Submitted

12 July

Conference Presentation

24 July


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For any questions or for more information about the conference, reach out to Kristin Buettner.

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Past Technical Conferences

PPI's 1st Annual Technical Conference was held virtually in July 2023. 

Access papers and transcripts, video recordings from PPI's First Annual Technical Conference.

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