Alex Kunz, PE Principal, A.G. KUNZ

Alex is the principal at A.G. KUNZ, a company focused on systematizing the construction industry through an integrated approach to design and construction.

The company helps owners deliver complex construction projects around the world through its technical design integration, production engineering, and software development services. The company is particularly focused on the global datacenter industry and driving accelerated project delivery through model-based design, analytics, and project production management.

Prior to starting A.G. KUNZ, Alex led the services group at Gehry Technologies, an award-winning consulting and software development company that brought together architects, engineers, builders and computer scientists to help deliver many cultural, hospitality, and civic projects of note around the world, with a focus on construction precision and cost predictability. Prior to that, Alex was a technical engineer and consultant for Strategic Project Solutions, serving projects such as Heathrow Terminal 5, the retrofit to London’s St. Pancras rail station (CTRL), and industrial and energy facilities.

Alex is a professional engineer in the state of Colorado and received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Cornell University.