Dhira Nandana Tripatra

Dhira Nandana is the President, Director and CEO of Tripatra. Established in 1973, Tripatra is Indonesia’s leading engineering and construction company, working predominantly in upstream oil and gas.

Since being appointed CEO in 2019, Dhira has been working to transform Tripatra into an integrated solution provider based on its strength in engineering and project management through innovative practices and digital solutions. Project Production Management has been a key initiative for Tripatra’s commitment to improved project delivery.

Dhira has spent his whole working career at Tripatra. Since 1989, has been involved in various areas including engineering, project management, contract   management, commercial and business operations. His prior roles at Tripatra include Chief Financial Officer, Business Support Director, Business Compliance and Commercial Director and Vice President Director.

Dhira holds a bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Technology Bandung in Indonesia, where he majored in Civil Engineering.