Gary Fischer, PE Project Production Institute
PPI Executive Director

Gary Fischer is the Executive Director of the Project Production Institute (PPI), as well as Chair of the PPI Energy Working Group. Prior to that, Gary spent 40 years in Chevron’s capital projects organization and has held a variety of executive positions, most recently as Special Projects Manager at Chevron Project Resources Company. In that role, Gary was responsible for Chevron’s implementation of Project Production Management and digital transformation on major capital projects. Gary was also responsible for Chevron’s project management system and led the group that provided functional expertise across the corporation’s worldwide major capital projects portfolio.

Throughout his career, he has held numerous technical and leadership positions across downstream, chemicals and upstream including Lead Engineer for a Shale Oil Semi Works Plant; Construction Manager for a Dimersol Project; Engineering Manager for a Linear Low-Density Project; Construction Manager of a High-Density Polyethylene Project; Project Manager of a Clean Fuels Project; and Benchmarking Manager for Project Resources Company (PRC)

Gary holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University.