Lisa Elles

Hepinstall Consulting Group, Inc.

As CEO and President of Hepinstall Consulting Group, Lisa brings more than 25 years of process alignment and transformation management experience to her role. Her areas of expertise include Process Design & Improvement, Lean Implementation for Complex Government Programs, Design-For Production, Project Production Management, Industrial Engineering, Knowledge Capture and Provisioning, Work Flow Optimization, and development of Advanced Training Solutions. Lisa continues to be an active leader in the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP), where she has successfully led numerous improvement projects designed to increase the competitiveness of the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair industry.

These projects include using a Project Production Management approach to develop and implement a Lean Production System governing the shipbuilding process. This served as a baseline for continuous improvement for the shipbuilding organization and resulted in 10% total shipbuilding cost savings, on-time delivery, and 37% improvement in workforce daily reliability rates on first-of class ship.
In addition, Lisa has led an enterprise-wide transformation throughout five divisions of an organization covering Pre-contract, Design, Procurement, Material Control, and Production Processes. She has also analyzed shipyard facility, equipment, use of technology, and processes to optimize facility throughput for multiple shipyards, as well as provided facility optimization plans including formalization of facility constraints and preferences.

Lisa was involved with the development and implementation of a company-wide lean improvement initiative for a ship repair yard that achieved a 10x increase in throughput within one year. In addition, she has developed and implemented Design-For-Production and Design-For-Maintenance Methodologies through the codification of ship production preferences and design rules, as well as delivered an instructional “step-by-step” desk-guide to the U.S. Shipbuilding Industry through the National Shipbuilding Research Program.