Seulkee Lee Roche / Genentech

Seulkee Lee is Global Lead for Schedule and Progress Management at Roche / Genentech. As a global Business Process Owner (BPO), she develops and maintains processes for schedule development, control and progress measurement. She leads the associated global Communities of Practice to ensure continuous improvement, as well as provide training and disseminate best practices throughout the Roche engineering network.

In her role, she has been committed to the improvement of the efficiency and speed of capital project delivery. Introducing and implementing Project Production Management (PPM) in bio-pharmaceutical projects has been one of the main areas of focus. Prior to her role at Roche / Genentech, she worked both in private and public infrastructure sectors to provide project management and controls services as a consultant, GC, and Owner’s representative. She has also worked as an expert witness / claims analyst on various projects.

She earned a B.S. in Architectural Engineering from Hanyang University in Korea and a Ph.D. in Engineering Project Management in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of UC Berkeley.