Shekar Natarajan American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

One of the foremost thought leaders in supply chain management, Natarajan has held leadership roles with major corporations such as Walmart, Target, The Walt Disney Company, Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo and Coca Cola.

Natarajan has not only led operations for these corporations but was instrumental in creating digital supply chain capabilities. He is credited with creating game-changing capabilities like the Scalable Grocery Home shopping model, “Magic Band”, Coolift, DSD Innovation, Digital Supply Chains, industry’s first control tower. Natarajan is responsible for bringing emerging sciences to companies and has led teams that have generated over 1800 filed patents. He also personally has filed 300 patents and 50 of those have been issued.

His efforts have not only won organizational praise, but his industry accomplishments have also been recognized by 14 international Awards.  The most prominent ones include the Non-Resident Indian of the year by Govt of India, the Medallion Award by IIE, Visionary by Consumer Goods Technology, Pioneering Executive by Asian American Business Development Group.

Natarajan is the author of 3 books and his work has featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox, CNBC, Supply Chain Quarterly and Harvard Business School. Natarajan also sits on numerous for-profit and non-profit boards.

Natarajan holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He also holds advanced certificates in Supply Chain from MIT and an Advanced Management Degree from Harvard Business School.