Victoria Dlugokecki Consultant
PPI SBSR Working Group

Victoria Dlugokecki, P.E. is an engineering and management consultant with more than thirty years of experience in ship design and construction.

She is a provider of high-quality design, analysis and management support services to commercial clients and government agencies in the maritime field. Her specialties are pre-contract, post-contract and life-cycle engineering and management services in the following areas: vessel arrangements, hull form design and analysis, stability and weights, structural analysis and design, feasibility studies, classification and regulatory body liaison, ship specification development and compliance, technical drawing review, test program support, build strategy development, program and project management, quality management systems and process improvement, and proposal development.

Prior to becoming a consultant in 2003, Vicky was a senior supervisor at NASSCO in the Initial Design and Naval Architecture Department, and an engineer at ABS, working on rule development and quality assurance. Vicky started her career at C. R. Cushing and Co., Inc., where she was able to participate in all aspects of engineering design for various types of commercial and military vessels.

She has participated in several successful National Shipbuilding Research Program projects focusing on Design for Producibility, Design for Maintainability, Welding and Distortion, Modular Design and Knowledge Management.