Capital projects are routinely over schedule and over budget – to the point that it has become normalized pain. But why? In Built to Fail, PPI founder Todd Zabelle explains how the industry-wide overreliance on the administrative aspects of project management and under investment in managing the actual work (how to design, make and construct) continues to result in project cost and schedule overruns.

Built to Fail examines why so many capital projects meet this fate—and then lays out measures for solving the problem, resulting in predictable project outcomes. The future leverages Operations Science and revolutionary advances in digital technology to make projects safer, cost less and get done faster.

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“It is news to no thoughtful person that the construction industry is broken. The challenge is understanding why it doesn’t work so it can be fixed. Todd Zabelle’s new book, Built to Fail, meets that challenge, but be prepared to shed some paradigms. Here are but two examples of Todd’s advice: ‘Get rid of baseline schedules’ and ‘Design is never complete.’”

GLENN BALLARD, PhD Project Productions Systems Laboratory, University of California Berkeley
Todd Zabelle

Todd R. Zabelle

Todd is the Founder and President of Strategic Project Solutions, Inc (SPS). Zabelle has more than thirty years of experience in the delivery of complex and critical capital projects ranging in size from $500K to $55 billion. He is the Founder & CEO of Strategic Project Solutions, Inc. is the Founder & CEO of Pacific Contracting, a founder and equity partner in the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) (prior to making it a not for profit), and founder of the Project Production Institute (PPI). View bio

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