The Association for the Capital Projects Engineering & Construction Community (ECC) and the Project Production Institute (PPI) are pleased to announce a new partnership.

ECC and PPI are partnering to promote thought leadership on modernizing construction among owners, contractors, suppliers and academia in the global engineering and construction industry. Not only is it important to pursue promising new ways of working as an integrated solution, but also to reconsider the underlying thinking and capabilities related to project delivery.

The ability to effectively employ emerging technologies and methods will result in significant cost and schedule reductions, enhanced quality and reduced risk of environmental, health and safety incidents while bringing operational discipline to projects, with better control of work execution and use of resources. Our joint objective is to enable capital projects to be completed predictably, competitively and produce revenue faster.

Upcoming events, education and certification opportunities will be announced shortly.

About ECC

The ECC is an association of leaders in the engineering and construction management world who are interested in fostering a powerful platform for career growth through the free exchange of ideas, the discovery of new perspectives, and the exploration of today’s biggest challenges.

For over 50 years, the Engineering and Construction Contracting (ECC) Association has provided unique opportunities for industry pioneers and innovators to collaborate in a forum free from the daily demands and politics of business — the Annual ECC Conference. Formed by owners, contractors, suppliers and academics in the engineering and construction business, the ECC aims to drive excellence and the long-term success of the industry through networking, innovation, and outreach.

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About PPI

PPI works to increase the value Engineering and Construction provides to the economy and society. PPI researches and disseminates knowledge related to the application of Project Production Management (PPM) and technology for the optimization of complex and critical energy, industrial and civil infrastructure projects.