NEXT-GEN Project Management Course at Texas A&M

City: Houston
Location: EnMed Building
1020 Holcombe Blvd
Houston, TX 77030

Capital projects are unrecognized production systems that can be modeled, optimized and controlled as such, enabling companies to reduce cost, shorten schedules and ultimately deliver predictable results. Production thinking opens many decisions that project leaders need to make that are not seen through current methods. To that end, Texas A&M University and TEES-EDGE, in partnership with the Project Production Institute (PPI), is offering a two-day introductory course with a goal to enable participants to grasp fundamental production management concepts and principles.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the gap in the current approach and why this gap exists
  • Understand the difference between project management and production management
  • Understand project production framework including the Five Levers of Optimization
  • Gain awareness of fundamental Operations Science relationships applied to capital projects
  • Identify and map a production system
  • How to use PPM to evaluate existing execution plans and schedules, i.e., milestone definition
  • Create awareness of production decisions that must be made
  • Understand the tradeoffs of various contracting strategies on production of the work
  • Understand how to deploy the NEXT-GEN project management system using case studies
  • Identify opportunities for application of NEXT-GEN project management in participant’s own company


This course is suitable for project managers / leaders, construction managers, superintendents, project engineers, and other personnel working as part of a team in capital projects from both owners, and engineering /construction organizations. Employees from all capital project sectors are encouraged to attend including Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream), Chemicals, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Heavy Civil, Manufacturing, and Mining.

For More Information About the Course:

Dr. Ivan Damnjanovic
Professor and Director of Engineering Project Management
Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
College of Engineering, Texas A&M University

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