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Adopting Production Control: The Example of Onshore Field Development

Executive Summary

Since 2010, Hess has led the oil & gas industry in the application of Project Production Control to the execution of oil & gas operations. Using methods and techniques originally developed for optimizing manufacturing and production processes to work execution in oil & gas operations, the company has achieved both significant cost reductions and increased reliability for the completion of work. Navigating the journey to adopt production control methodology presents several challenges for organizations as they learn how to collaboratively plan and control their work execution at a level of granularity typically unprecedented for them. Experts in operations management and production control can certainly teach companies what needs to be implemented at a detailed level. However, true organizational change and implementation is accomplished by employees who may not be experts in production control, but who nevertheless are sufficiently committed to delivering the ultimate potential of production control by leading their teams to successful adoption.

Several of the challenges in implementing production control in onshore field development, encountered and overcome by Hess, are described in an interview with Michelle Nehring, Sr. Engineering Technician at Hess Corp. Her perspective is that of someone charged with the responsibility for motivating and leading teams through the change necessary in Hess’ Bakken asset in North Dakota. This article is in the form of an interview with Michelle Nehring, a member of a project team, and describes the challenges of PPM implementation from her perspective.

Figure 2: Functions working on the Bakken Well Factory

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