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Managing Work At The Point Of Installation

Executive Summary

A significant gap exists around how to manage work at the frontline, or the point of installation. The inability to effectively manage execution of work is a key reason projects continue to suffer from cost and schedule overruns along with the associated claims. The Institute’s principals have come to this conclusion through conversations with numerous experts over three decades about improving the outcomes of capital projects.

Addressing this gap is essential to achieve project objectives and industry competitiveness. However, doing so requires a fundamental shift from bygone era practices to modern operations management principles. Specifically, the application of effective production engineering and production control. This paper focuses the need for effective production control and a follow-up paper will address the need for production engineering.

Keywords: Production Control; Capacity; Inventory; Point of Installation; Throughput; Variability

Todd R. Zabelle, Founder & CEO, Strategic Project Solutions Inc.,

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