The Project Production Institute is pleased to announce that Advisory Board Member Kerry Haley will now assume the role of Executive Director. She brings 25 years of operational and management experience including application of Project Production Management (PPM) across the energy, telecommunications and global infrastructure sectors.

In her role as Executive Director, her efforts focus on global outreach to promote awareness, engaging influential members of academia, industry and technology to join and take an active role in the Institute.

Kerry previously served as VP Market Development at Strategic Project Solutions (SPS) responsible for global outreach. Before SPS, Kerry was Director, Global Infrastructure, at Better Place, Inc., responsible for developing the strategic and implementation plans for Better Place infrastructure worldwide. Prior to that, she held several executive positions in the global wireless telecommunications sector.

Kerry earned her B.S. in International Finance from Santa Clara University.

About PPI

PPI works to increase the value Engineering and Construction provides to the economy and society. PPI researches and disseminates knowledge related to the application of Project Production Management and technology for the optimization of complex and critical energy, industrial and civil infrastructure projects.