Advancing Project Delivery In The UK

A PPI Conversation with Gary Fischer, PE and Simon Murray

13 April 2022

Join us for this fascinating conversation with Simon Murray, a leading edge thinker advocating for a new approach to delivering high performing infrastructure in the UK. Simon has more than thirty years’ experience in project delivery. He has held senior executive positions in the UK’s airport, railway and highway companies and has been responsible for planning and delivering major investment programs including Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport and Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL). Simon developed his passion for improving construction whilst working for John Egan at BAA in the 1990s, working closely on the UK Government’s task force on the construction industry and the drafting of Rethinking Construction.

During this insightful conversation, Simon explains why a new approach is needed, what can be done differently and what has shaped his thinking along the way, all infused with his personal insights on what made his decades-long career in project delivery so successful.


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