You have a great idea and eagerly share it with your peers to get them on board. But for some reason, your enthusiasm for embracing the change is met with a cold stare or worse. Why does this happen? Why can’t people get others to understand and support a great new idea?

In our latest PPI conversation, we tackle this issue head-on with Terry Slattery and Jennica Dixon who are renowned for their expertise in effective marketing. We promise your thinking about how to enroll support for new ideas will be forever changed!


Terry Slattery is the President and CEO of Slattery Sales Group, delivering unique salesforce training to professionals in complex sales worldwide for over 35 years. He has developed value differentiation strategies for clients in more than 100 industries, re-engineered their sales processes, and trained and coached executive and sales management and their sales organizations. His clients have included 3M, Blue Cross, Philips and Wells Fargo.

Jennica Dixon is the COO of Slattery Training. She leads the online delivery of Slattery’s training, coaching, and consulting services, as well as managing all Slattery content and intellectual property.

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