PPM Named a Top Project Delivery Trend by Engineering News-Record

21 April 2020

In a recent webinar titled “Top Project Delivery Trends Transforming the Industry: What Project Leaders Need to Know,” Project Production Management (PPM) was highlighted as one such trend transforming the industry and shaping the way people are working.

The webinar was hosted by Engineering News-Record and featured speakers including Kevin Stokvis, Partner at McKinsey & Company.

Stokvis discussed how PPM drives cost and schedule improvements by applying Operations Science principles, increases rigor via a structured process and improves effectiveness of a continuous improvement process. Other trends included were Digital Projects, Advanced Analytics and Agility.

The Project Production Institute was recommended by Stokvis during the webinar as a resource where members “can learn about major oil companies, major technology companies, onshore drilling companies that are embracing this as a new way of working.”

To view the webinar: https://www.enr.com/events/1002-top-project-delivery-trends-transforming-the-industry-what-project-leaders-need-to-know

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