The Project Production Institute (PPI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Phil Kaminsky to the PPI Technical Committee. Dr. Kaminsky is Professor and Department Chair of the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department at the University of California, Berkeley

Kaminsky’s research interests include the analysis and development of robust and efficient tools and techniques for design, operation, and risk management in logistics systems and supply chains. This encompasses operational issues including the modeling and analysis of production and control systems, as well as more strategic issues, including the integration of production, distribution, and pricing strategies, and more broadly the analysis of issues that arise in integrated supply chain management.

Project Production Management (PPM) typically focuses on modeling and optimization of project production systems. However, the supply chain that provides inputs to the project must be included in the analysis and managed efficiently in order to support project optimization. Kaminsky’s deep experience in supply chain design and operations complements the expertise of the PPI Technical Committee and brings an important new dimension to the practice of PPM.

Professor Kaminsky earned his BS in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University in 1989, and his MS and PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Northwestern University in 1997. Before graduate school, he worked in production engineering and control at Merck in Rahway, New Jersey. Professor Kaminsky is the faculty director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, and director of the Initiative for Research in Biopharmaceutical Operations. He became department chair of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research in 2012.

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