Defining A New Era of Project Delivery


Thursday, 08 December 2022
9:00am to 5:00pm CT – Virtual

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The convergence of digital technology, industrialization and automation of construction is driving a new era of project delivery. 

However, the construction industry’s deep roots in craft-based production (vs. high-volume manufacturing) limit the ability for companies to fully benefit from these efforts. As construction has evolved over the last century through two distinct time frames, or Eras, we now see the emergence of a third Era of profitability. This Era of modern construction harnesses developing technologies employs the science that drives capital project performance and uses methods to address the challenges of today’s complex and dynamic capital projects. 

Not surprisingly, the majority of effort is occurring in local application or industry segments, because unlike some other industries, construction is highly fragmented. Currently missing from the equation is a unifying framework, one that provides project professionals with a scientific means of making critical decisions. 

This new era requires a joint effort by those in academia and industry to come together and apply next-generation research and solutions to project delivery outcomes. This includes the use of technology to improve production (versus automating Era 1 and Era 2 practices) including the use of Digital Twins, AR/VR, Real-Time IoT enabled Production Control, robotics and AI/ML/RPA-based methods. 

PPI’s Ninth Annual Symposium brings together industry experts, academics and thought leaders to establish this unifying framework and maximize value by working on an integrated solution for this new Era of project delivery. In addition, attendees will learn how to effectively implement and benefit from the digitalization and industrialization of construction. Join us.