Steve Kundich of Facebook Joins PPI Industry Council

The Project Production Institute (PPI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Kundich to its Industry Council. In his role at Facebook, Steve applies his expertise to their large scale Data Center build program. Steve strives to deeply collaborate and “connect the dots” across myriad stakeholder groups by revealing opportunities to improve process, drive continuous improvement, efficiency and innovation into all design, supply chain and delivery processes. Since 1999, Steve is a licensed Architect whose entire career has been focused on designing and delivering advanced technology facilities.

Prior to joining Facebook, Steve was with Digital Realty (DLR), the largest Datacenter builder in the world, since its inception in 2004. He held the role of Director of Design & Construction and later as SVP Global Design at DLR. In this role Steve was first exposed to the use of project production management (PPM) for designing and delivering critical facilities, providing expertise and leadership in the development and continuous improvement of the standards, organizational structures and processes necessary to achieve program objectives for cost effective, high quality, rapid design and delivery of Digital Realty Trust’s Datacenter Solutions.

About PPI

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