The Project Production Institute (PPI) was recently represented in Kuala Lumpur at UPEC, a Malaysia Upstream Project Conference. Pathman Arulampalam from Hess presented “Ushering a New Era of Project Delivery Using Operations Science”, describing the 3 Eras framework on the evolution of project management practices, culminating in the comparison between conventional project management and the Project Production Management technical framework, based on operations science.

Pathman Arulampalam is the Senior Integration Manager for Hess Malaysia and has been involved in asset developments both at Greenfield and Brownfield for the last 7 years. He has been with Hess Corporation for over 12 years in the capacity of a Subsurface Manager, MRI Manager and Well Planning Manager. Pathman has also been involved or led implementations of project production management to continuously improve the safety, quality, delivery, cost and people aspects of projects at Hess.

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