Jim Craig, Senior Engineering Advisor, Chevron, is both a board member of ECC and an Industry Council member of PPI. In this interview with Jeremy Osterberger of BIC magazine, Jim discusses the upcoming ECC conference, its partnership with PPI and how innovative technologies can transform project delivery.

As Jim mentions, one of the topics at the upcoming ECC conference will be how do future proof your organization using Industrialized Construction. PPI founder Todd Zabelle will be a featured speaker at the conference.

In addition, he talks about the recent partnership between ECC and PPI. “PPI is trying to bring innovative thought to project delivery, looking at projects through the lens of production and treating a project as a production system, looking at how we design, fabricate, move and construct things,” says Jim. “They are out there being innovative in how we view and look at different technologies, so this has been a good opportunity to partner with the and offer education opportunities by looking at projects through a different lens.”

To learn more about the ECC / PPI partnership: https://projectproduction.org/ecc-and-ppi-form-industry-partnership/

To learn more about the ECC conference: http://www.ecc-conference.org/Events/ECC-Conference/

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