On Tuesday, July 24th, dozens of project professionals gathered in Houston to learn about the fundamentals of Project Production Management and its application to major capital project delivery.

This Introduction to PPM Seminar, one of a series of seminars open to the public that PPI hosts in various locations throughout the year, introduced the PPM framework, the fundamental concepts behind Operations Science and how it applies to projects in a variety of industries.

Taught by PPI Executive Director Ram Shenoy, Technical Director Mark Spearman and Industry Council member Dave McKay, the two-hour introductory breakfast and lunch sessions covered a range of topics on PPM framework and application, including the Three Eras, Little’s Law, and Project Management vs Project Production Management.

Attendees from a variety of industries learned about the impact of variability first hand during a dice game simulation. Dave McKay also discussed the Hess journey to implement Project Production Management in the Bakken Well Factory in order to manage variability. As McKay stated, “Variability happens, and there are only three ways to manage it: capacity, inventory and time.” Using this Operations Science framework, PPM is the means to manage, control and optimize the delivery of capital projects so that they come in on schedule and budget.

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PPI works to enhance the value Engineering and Construction provides to the economy and society. PPI researches and disseminates knowledge related to the application of Project Production Management and technology for the optimization of complex and critical energy, industrial and civil infrastructure projects.