The Project Production Institute inaugural symposium was held on December 3rd, 2014 at the Omni Hotel in San Francisco.

Project Production Management concepts were presented and discussed by leading academic researchers and industry practitioners.

The symposium featured presentations about PPI research focused on:

Retrospective of Project Management Theory and Practice

Factory Physics® – The Basis for Understanding & Managing Production

Projects as Production Systems – A Conceptual Framework

Understanding the core elements of Last Planner® Production Control

Effective implementation of CII / COAA Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)

Application of simulation models to optimize delivery of oil and gas wells

Please visit the Research section of this website for copies of participant presentations.

About PPI

The Project Production Institute (PPI) addresses the root cause of major capital project cost and schedule overruns through research and dissemination of Project Production Management (PPM) and its foundation of Operations Science.

With members representing recognized global leaders in capital project delivery, operations, production and supply chain management, PPI brings together industry professionals and academics working to modernize construction and radically improve capital project outcomes by targeting the development of next practices. In addition, PPI provides access to tools and information to address the current gap in project delivery. By working with academics and leading universities, PPI seeks to define and research next-generation solutions to today’s challenging problems.

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