Todd Zabelle Talks With Dick Bayer On The Lean Construction Blog’s Podcast | July 11, 2021


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Todd Zabelle was among the original founders of the Lean Construction Institute. Professor Glenn Ballard worked with him briefly at Pacific Contracting back in the ’90s. Todd has spent his career thinking about enhancing productivity in design and construction and founded the Project Production Institute to provide a forum for like-minded individuals looking to transform the industry.

He recently spoke to Dick Bayer on the Lean Construction Blog’s Podcast about how to modernize construction. In this episode, Todd Zabelle, Founder of PPI, delves into the history of project delivery, including the Three Eras and the existence of a significant gap in the current framework. By viewing a project as a production system and applying Operations Science, project professionals have seen results including increased competitive advantage in what they do, billions of dollars in cost savings and new revenue generation opportunities through quicker delivery of assets.

Todd is the Founder of the Project Production Institute and President of Strategic Project Solutions, Inc.

Prior to founding SPS, Todd founded Pacific Contracting. Established in 1993, Pacific Contracting was recognized in the mid 90’s for its use of various innovations including Lean Construction and Virtual Design & Construction. In July 1998, these efforts were acknowledged in the UK Government’s Re-Thinking Construction report.

Over the past two decades, Todd R. Zabelle has authored numerous papers on the topic of optimizing engineering, fabrication and construction. These papers have been published various in technical journals, presented at numerous conferences around the world and cited by several other authors.

Dick Bayer is the Chairman of the ReAlignment Group, Ltd., President of the ReAlignment Group Canada, Ltd. and an Adjunct Professor at the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management within the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. He is currently living in Ottawa working as the IPD/Lean Design and Construction Adviser for the Centre Block Rehabilitation Project, a proposed 12-year project to improve and renovate the Centre Block of the Canadian Parliament building campus.

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PPI works to increase the value Engineering and Construction provides to the economy and society. PPI researches and disseminates knowledge related to the application of Project Production Management (PPM) and technology for the optimization of complex and critical energy, industrial and civil infrastructure projects.