Introduction to Project Production Management

For those new to Project Production Management (PPM), the following articles provide a framework to introduce the science behind PPM and how it impacts project delivery.

It is clear that the current method to deliver projects is broken, as cost and schedule overruns are rampant in the engineering and construction industry. There is a “gap” in the current approach to project delivery and this is a primary reason for ongoing poor project performance. Addressing this gap provides a robust means of improving project outcomes.

From an operations perspective, a project is a form of production system, and therefore, can be managed as such. Effectively optimizing any production system requires an understanding of the production system’s objectives, and the use of Operations Science to understand and influence the production system’s behavior. Specifically, this enables the ability to effectively manage use of capacity, inventory and time under the ever-present effects of variability.

Read the following articles to learn more about the science behind PPM and how it applies to capital project delivery.

PPI Position Paper: Defining “Production System” from an Operations Science and Project Production Management Perspective

New Era of Project Delivery – Project as Production System

A “Gap” in Current Project Management and The Impact on Project Outcomes

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Little’s Law – A Practical Approach to Understanding Production System Performance

Technical Tutorial: Optimal Level of WIP in a Production System

Rethinking the Product-Process Matrix for Projects

Effective Supply Flow Control

Understanding Supplier Production Systems