10th Annual Symposium

09 November 2023
Houston, TX

We are at a critical junction. The rapid pace of digital transformation and energy transition results in an unprecedented amount of capital investment globally. Against a backdrop of labor shortages and supply chain disruption, projects continue to cost more and take longer – ultimately impacting business performance. This Symposium brings together leading-edge thinkers and practitioners from industry and academia to tackle these challenges and focus on how to solve the gap in the current approach.

PPI’s Tenth Annual Symposium brought together industry experts, academics and thought leaders to establish this unifying framework and maximize value by working on an integrated solution for this new Era of project delivery. In addition, attendees learned how to effectively implement and benefit from the digitalization and industrialization of construction.

Technical Achievement Award

PPI presented the 2023 Technical Achievement Award to M Al-Azahary A Sani, PMP during the 10th Annual Symposium. Al-Azahary is Senior Manager of Project Innovations at PETRONAS. He is currently leading a team to drive transformation in capital projects under PETRONAS NervCentre, Project Delivery & Technology. He has 19 years of experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. He began his career as Field Engineer in gas processing plant operations and maintenance, before assuming a Project Manager role overseeing various plant change and rejuvenation projects. He is currently spearheading Project Production Management (PPM) implementation within the PETRONAS project portfolio, and also playing a key role to shape the Malaysian oil & gas industry’s adoption of innovative solutions for improved project delivery performance. Learn more.


What’s Going to Happen on My Project?

Uncover the critical challenges in project management addressed by Roberto J. Arbulu and Chet Carlson in a recent presentation. Gain valuable insights into mitigating delays, cost overruns, and inefficiencies through a focus on production management. Discover proven strategies employed by industry leaders for ensuring predictability.

Reframing the Project Management Mindset through PPM

Unlock new perspectives on project management with Sara Passone’s presentation at the PPI Symposium. Delve into the transformative journey of reframing project management as project production. Explore insights on managing uncertainty, embracing complexity, and enhancing predictability.


Embark on a riveting journey through Alex Kershaw’s presentation, exploring World War II leadership, Felix Sparks’ extraordinary role in liberating Dachau, and profound lessons in resilience and decision-making. Gain insights into historical moments, emotional self-control, and transformative impacts. Witness an extraordinary leadership moment in a historic film, inviting reflection on defining moments in true leadership.

Optimizing Deployment Projects

Explore the revolution in construction design and efficiency discussed at the recent presentation event. Join Alex Kunz as he unveils a groundbreaking approach to data-driven, modular design, reducing construction timelines and enhancing adaptability.

TAMU Certificate Program Details

Explore Texas A&M’s collaboration with the Project Production Institute in revolutionizing engineering project management. Discover their cutting-edge Project Production Management (PPM) approach, designed to empower future project managers with real-world skills.

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