Energy Transition Deployments – How Are They Different from Capital Projects?

James E. Craig, PE / Todd R. Zabelle / H.J. James Choo, PhD

This conversation highlights the differences and challenges between construction projects and energy transition deployments, with a focus on the need for strategic thinking and consideration of factors such as standardization, local requirements, and capacity management for successful execution and control of these projects.

Todd Zabelle, SPS

How to Tackle Supply Chain Disruption

Todd R. Zabelle / Hunter Newby

Hunter Newby and Todd R. Zabelle tackled the impact of supply chain delays and macroeconomic factors on the data center industry, while highlighting the potential for optimization and enhanced transparency in the industry.

Todd Zabelle and Hunter Newby on Supply Chain

Digital Twin of Project Production Systems

Roberto J. Arbulu / H.J. James Choo, PhD / Stanislav Gaponenko / Shubhraneel Mitra / Corie Nalder / Guillermo Prado

Roberto J. Arbulu and H.J. James Choo, PhD discuss using digital twins in production systems, specifically in onshore field development for oil and gas production, to expand focus to include planning and deployment, providing a 3D modeling perspective for more efficient and cost-effective production.

Project of the Future – Vision

Martin Fischer, PhD

Exploring the Integration of Human and Digital Capabilities in Modern Construction: Insights from Martin Fisher, Professor at Stanford University and Director of the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering

Project of the Future – Roundtable

Gary Fischer, PE / H.J. James Choo, PhD / Martin Fischer, PhD / Iris D. Tommelein, PhD / Bob Snyder

Transforming Construction: The Impact of Intelligent Production on Trade Contractors and the Future of Projects

Academic Partnerships

Jeong H. Woo, PhD / Ivan Damnjanovic, PhD

PPI and their academic partners, Cal Poly and Texas A&M, share updates on their programs to bring PPM (Project Production Management) and Operations Science to the professional education world.

Welcome – PPI Update

Gary Fischer, PE

Gary Fischer, PE, emphasizes the significance of construction and infrastructure for the global economy. He is announcing PPI’s academic partnerships and initiatives with the aim of making PPM the leading delivery paradigm for capital projects, and is presenting the 2021 PPI Technical Achievement Award to James Choo of SPS.

Modernization of Construction – What Is It and How to Make It Happen

Todd R. Zabelle

Todd Zabelle advocates modern production methods in construction to improve safety and efficiency. He outlines a framework for simplifying production processes using a 4-5-3 system. He identifies four verbs and five levers critical to optimizing production processes and emphasizes the importance of managing work in progress.

Todd R. Zabelle

Why the Construction Industry Needs to Transform

Gary Fischer, PE / Jan Koeleman / Dave Connell / Dick Bayer / David McKay / Sauvir Sarkar

The panelists are urging the construction industry to modernize its institutional approach, embrace operational science, and adopt a portfolio contracting approach. They are stressing the importance of a mindset shift when selecting contractors and measuring the right things to improve performance.

Journey to Modern Construction

Roberto J. Arbulu / Dougie McMichael

Dougie McMichael, VP of Hess’s onshore production, discusses the need for managing variability in the oil and gas industry and Hess’s approach to improving operational performance through processes, experimentation, adaptation, technology, and people development. He also highlights the importance of environmental performance and cost management.

Journey to Modern Construction

Roberto J. Arbulu / M Al-Azahary B A Sani / Syed Ab Razak Bin Sy Ali

Petronas presents their vision for project management through Project Production Management (PPM), addressing concerns about COVID-19 related delays and sharing their efforts to achieve sustainability. They aim for net-zero carbon and 50% improvement in cash generation and non-traditional revenue within five years.

Modern Project Production

Efrem Haile

Exploring Microsoft’s Project Production Management (PPM) Initiatives: Analyzing its Impact in Efforts Related to Data Centers, Digital Infrastructure, and Supply Chain

COVID Vaccination Program

Randy Kelley

Randy Kelley led a successful COVID-19 vaccination program in North Carolina by implementing operational science principles, resulting in improved efficiency and higher revenue. He emphasizes the importance of understanding operational science and suggests mid-way introduction of principles for better outcomes.

Vision for Industrialized Construction

Amy Marks

Autodesk’s Amy Marks advocates for productization in the building industry by standardizing and digitizing the process to make efficient buildings. She stresses the need to integrate technology and processes and shift from being process-based to product-based for optimal results.

Journey to Industrialized Construction

H.J. James Choo, PhD / Mark L. Spearman, PhD / Keith Magowan / Bridget Proulx / Jan Koeleman / Roberto J. Arbulu

The presentation discusses industrialized construction, its challenges, and approaches for adoption. It emphasizes automating processes, investing in robots, moving work offsite, and focusing on fabrication and assembly. The discussions suggest that understanding potential sources of negative variability and unintended consequences is crucial for making configuration decisions.

What Role Will Autonomous and Digital Innovations Play in The Construction Industry? How Will These Innovations Enable and Accelerate Industrialized Construction?

Todd R. Zabelle / Martin Fischer, PhD / Ravi Roopreddy / James E. Craig, PE

Experts discuss the use of IoT sensors to create smart assets and optimize operations in various industries. They highlight the application of robotics in construction projects, the evolution of IoT, and the importance of data science in real-time data analysis. Chevron uses data to optimize its operations and is integrating its processes with the bill of processes concept used by Ford.

Earned Value Management – What Are the Unintended Consequences?

Welcome and Opening Remarks / Technical Achievement Award / Call to Action

Edward S. Pound / PPI, H.J. James Choo, PhD / PPI, Phil Kaminsky, PhD / UC Berkeley, Gary Fischer / PPI


Why Do We Make the Choices We Make? The Neuroscience of Decision-Making

Anil Seth / University Of Sussex


How Do Leading Companies Implement and Benefit From Project Production Management?

Gary Fischer, PPI


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